Day in the Life sessions, in my opinion, are the absolute best way to have your family photographed. These sessions are just what they sound like-- a day in your family's life (or a chunk of the day), captured just as you live it. I join your family and document the big and small moments that make up your life. The beauty of it all is that the pressure is off and the resulting images are true and real, making them all that much beautiful. There's no need to plan on the perfect outfits or bribe the kids to behave. We're looking to capture the real moments of your family's life as it is, silly, messy, happy, goofy, frustrating, loving, and, if you have kids, a million other things. 

Select between two hour, half day and full day sessions with sessions fees beginning at $300. Collections begin at $995.*

*Payment plans are available. Inquire for more information.