Hi, I’m Rebecca. I help families tell their story.

I photograph families in a way that’s beautiful and honest, where they recognize their best selves doing what they love with the people who matter most to them.

My clients are building their lives and their children’s lives, and they want to be able to remember all of it. Despite their hectic schedules and the daily pressures we all feel, they know that these are days they will treasure forever.

My clients crave photographs that are just as beautiful as the love they feel for their families. You know that love, the feeling you get when you stop take a good look at the little lives they’ve created and invest so much in every day. The feeling you get when you look at your (finally!) sleeping child at the end of an exhausting day, or when you hear them taking nonstop to an adult about their passion for (insert random, and perhaps even weird, but totally cool thing your kids is obsessed with). You know every little thing about them, and you’re a little sad because you know it won’t always be this way.

I share this desire, both for myself and for you. I love spending my days helping families by design photo session experiences that will perfectly capture the best of who they are when they’re together and what their love looks like. It thrills me to think that years from now, these photographs we make will instantly return them to today and all that makes it special.

Everyday I’m awed by the amazing parents (and parents-to-be) I meet who are striving to build their best lives, raise our thoughtful, capable, and amazing kids, and give back to the lives of others. I’m honored to be able to witness their lives.

Parenting today is a really tough job. Parents way more credit than they receive. I’m here to pour it on and show you that every moment is worth it. Though parenting may not always feel beautiful, it really is. So when you’re in front of my camera, I want you to play with your kids and swing them around. Practice your sport or tell me a story. Laugh, sing, or cry. Do what matters to you with people that matter to you and tell me how you really feel.

I promise, when you look at your photographs, your soul will recognize herself and smile. And everyone else will too.

“I LOVE these photos! Thank you so much, they do what all my favorite photos do - they look like how the moment feels to me, in this case joyful and beautiful and a little crazy.  ”

— Allana, Washington, D.C., wife and mother of 2 girls


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