Hi, I’m Rebecca.

I help families tell their stories.

I photograph them in a way that’s beautiful and honest, where they recognize their best selves doing what they love with the people who matter most to them.

My clients are building their lives and their children’s lives, and they want to be able to remember all of it. Despite their hectic schedules and the daily pressures we all feel, they know that these are days they will treasure forever.

My clients crave photographs that are just as beautiful as the love they feel for their families. You know that love, the feeling you get when you stop take a good look at the little lives they’ve created and invest so much in every day. The feeling you get when you look at your (finally!) sleeping child at the end of an exhausting day, or when you hear them taking nonstop to an adult about their passion for (insert random, and perhaps even weird, but totally cool thing your kids is obsessed with). You know every little thing about them, and you’re a little sad because you know it won’t always be this way. I share this desire, both for myself and for you. I love spending my days helping families by designing photo session experiences that will perfectly capture the best of who they are when they’re together and what their love looks like. It thrills me to think that years from now, these photographs we make will instantly return them to today and all that makes it special.

Everyday I’m awed by the amazing parents (and parents-to-be) I meet who are striving to build their best lives, raise our thoughtful, capable, and amazing kids, and give back to the lives of others. I’m honored to be able to witness their lives.

Parenting today is a really tough job. Parents way more credit than they receive. I’m here to pour it on and show you that every moment is worth it. Though parenting may not always feel beautiful, it really is. So when you’re in front of my camera, I want you to play with your kids and swing them around. Practice your sport or tell me a story. Laugh, sing, or cry. Do what matters to you with people that matter to you and tell me how you really feel.

I promise, when you look at your photographs, your soul will recognize herself and smile. And everyone else will too.


My Story.

I’m a Baltimore girl who ventured off for college only to boomerang back for law school. I met my husband on the infield at Preakness (I know, a true Baltimore love story. It could be a John Waters movie). Here we are, 16+ years later, raising four kids in our hometown.

Years ago, I left the practice of law to stay home with my kids, but didn’t get serious about photography until shortly after my youngest was born.

I blame it on Pinterest.

One day, I stumbled upon a blogger who took the most beautiful photographs of her kids. Right then, I decided that I wanted to take photographs of my kids that were just as beautiful. If she could do it, why couldn’t I? (Perhaps I’m just a little competitive?)

So I picked up my trusty Canon Rebel XS, hopped back on Pinterest, and started searching camera tutorials. I pushed that little camera to its limits and don’t think I put her down until I splurged on an upgrade.

Flash forward a few years and I’ve built this amazing little business doing what I love every day. I get to meet and photograph the coolest people and show them just how awesome they are. I get to create photographs and videos that above all, bring joy and promote the best parts of people’s lives. I also get share everything I’ve learned with photographers who are just starting out when I teach and mentor emerging photographers. I’ve even written a book and won a few honors!

family circle.jpg

Real is what matters to me. So, if you’re looking for perfect posed photos with "say cheese" smiles, I'm probably not your girl. I’m a pretty straightforward person and with 4 kids, I don’t have much time for chit chat (though you’ll find I can be a little chatty). I want to get to it…to get to know the real you. Not the polished, instal-worthy version, but the real you. That’s who will take a great photograph. One that’s honest, true to life. One in which you’ll recognize your best true self, where everyone else will too.

Have no fear. That doesn’t mean we’ll all deep and serious, or that we aren’t looking for flattering light and attractive angles. I’m did say your BEST true self, didn’t I? What it means is that there's no need for perfect behavior or meticulous clothing or awkward poses. The best photographs come from the best feelings and experiences. So that’s where I like to focus.

I want you to live your best life in front of my camera. Play with your kids and swing them around. Practice your craft or tell me a story. Do what matters to you with people that matter to you. This way, when you look at your photographs, you will recognize your life the way it really was and feel it all over again. 

Want to see what this looks like? Check out my galleries. My favorite is the Real Life gallery where you’ll catch a little more of my own brood. If your even a little bit inspired to capture the beauty of your own life, or want to talk more about what working with me would look like for your family or business,  contact me today. I'd love to hear more!