100 Days of Summer (Within My 365-Take 2 Project)

Welcome to the inaugural post of the 100 Days of Summer Blog Circle. I have joined a group of talented photographers challenged with taking a photo a day focusing on the joys of summertime. A few of us are joining together to share our work though our blogs and I do hope you will take the time to work through our little circle. I'm picking up where I left off from my last 365 Project post (which includes the first portion of the 100 Days of Summer Project). In this post, we enjoy Father's Day, a whole lot of swimming at the pool, a crazy storm, some laughs, and one snuggle.


 32/100 (170/365): Scissors Cut Paper during our Father's Day Brunch

blog update -171
blog update -172

33/100 (171/365): What Summer Feels Like (I)

blog update -173

34/100 (173/365): Adjustments

blog update -174

35/100 (174/365): Waiting Out The Storm

blog update -175

36/100 (175/365): When She Wants to Go Home and Her Sisters Want to Stay

blog update -176

37/100 (176/365): Little Swimmer

blog update -177

38/100 (177/365): Practice on a Gloomy Day

blog update -178

39/100 (178/365): Funny Girl

blog update -179

40/100 (179/365): Backstroke

blog update -180

41/100 (180/365): Savoring My Baby

blog update -181

42/100 (181/365): Practice is Over

blog update -182

43/100 (182/365): My JV Squad

blog update -183

44/100 (183/365): Tie Dye

45/100 (184/365):  View From the Cheap Seats

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