365 Photograph-A-Day Project : Days 133-136

Here's a quick update from the past four days of my 365 project. This month, our days are full with springtime activities for our family. We have a lot going on this season, from sports to end of the school year activities, to the end of an era as our oldest child graduates from elementary school. We have so much to celebrate and be thankful for.

Day 133:  Thankful for the time I have with this little one--we have one more year together before she heads off to school. Though its a challenge in our busy schedule, stopping at the park to wish on dandelions really should be our top priority.

Girl in a field blowing dandelions.

Day 134: Thankful for the amazing school my children have the privilege of attending.  At this moment, the wrong child is clearly on stage for the Drama Club performance. Too bad she's going to have to wait another year.

Girl sitting in an audience pouting at the camera.

Day 135: Thankful for the sweetest child to ever enter my life.  Happy Birthday to this not-so-little anymore third child of mine.

Portrait of beautiful redhead child.

Day 136: Thankful that this youngest child of mine keeps the "old mom" in me young.  Her dance class performance was beyond adorable!

Four Year old dancer at recital in pink tutu.