365 Photograph-A-Day Project : Days 71-77

Time keeps flying by and it feels like I just updated my 365 project. But its been almost a week…so here come photographs for days 71-77.

Day 71:  This hair, right? Seriously not fair and not something I ever expected to see on one of my kids.

Day 72: Random shot I snuck in before scooting everyone up to bed.


Day 73: Sweet reader

Day 74: Legos

color photograph of boy side lit dramatically  while playing legos

Day 75:  Biker Chick! (Love seeing the kids outside, finally!!!)

adorable girl on two wheel bike.

Day 76: OCF practice with non-demanding model.


Day 77: More OCF practice with a cuter model.

Off Camera Flash Image of young girl in color holding mustache prop