365 Photograph-A-Day Project : Days 83 - 92

Here we go with another update of the 365 project. Admittedly, these images are all over the place when it comes to style.  I've been playing with a few things and also working with some off camera flash, but that's the fun of it all, isn't it?  So here we go:

Day 83:


This is a quick shot after softball practice one night that I loved and played around with on the crop. Her smile just screamed at me, so cropped it and loved the extreme look. The cropped version actually won a little instagram contests with #kidsforreal which was very cool! If you haven't added them to your feed, you might want to check it out. I love the full version too.  The colors just scream summertime to me, even though we are not quite there yet.

Day 84: Admittedly a quick shot just to get something for today, but a priceless memory of a little lip I'm sure I will see plenty of in the coming years.

Day 85: Some off camera flash practice by the wall.


Day 86: Rainy spring day.


Day 87: Camping trip cancelled so we head to dinner and a movie with the oldest 2.  She definitely takes after her father with this talent.


Day 88: More off camera flash with this crazy character. 

Rebecca Wyatt Photography

Day 89: She's got her head in the clouds again!

Day 90: This one was titled "Because She is Four | She Has Decided I Am No Longer Her Friend"


Day 91: Reluctant cooperation, but so pretty anyway.


Day 92: Before school antics in the car pool line!