365 Photography Project : Days 19 and 20

Day 19 : Road trip to Ski Roundtop for some snow tubing with the Cub Scouts--an annual tradition for us.

Children and their colorful stuffed animals riding int the backseat of a sunlit car on a road trip.

Day 20 : Mom photographer tip--always have your camera out and ready to go with a fresh battery and a memory card. Keep it on all the time--it will auto off to save your battery, but go on with a press of the shutter. Have a good semi-wide-angle lens on there so you can fit in any scene (for me, its usually a 35). When you are prepared, you are more likely to catch the moments, just like this one. I saw this scene of my littlest one watching Caillou in the living room and I was able to capture it because my camera was was sitting on the dining room table ready to go. The same is true for your iPhone. Set it up so its ready to go. Know where your preferred camera aps are so you are not stymied by finding the ap you need and miss the moment. 

Black and white image of a small girl peering over the back of a wooden rocking chair with sun rays on her face and rim lighting on her profile and hair.