365 Project -- Take 2 Update | Days 328 -345

We are in the home stretch now with my 365 Take 2 Project. Here we got with days 328-345. Most of these were taken with the my Fuji x100t or the xt1, which I have on loan and have playing with these past couple weeks. I am not yet sure how I feel about it the xt1, sometimes I think I love it, and sometimes I'm disappointed. Only time will tell.

middle school boy in jacket and tie reading in back seat of the car

Day 328

Day 329

child painting an art project of a shark
sunset streaming through the kitchen window

Day 330

Day 331

dishes on the kitchen table

Day 332


Day 333

Day 334

center stage actors speaking to a group
girl paying with radio in front seat of the car with air blowing through her hair

Day 335

pouting girl sitting on kitchen table

Day 336

two kids playing with iPad

Day 337

brother and sister hiding in toilet paper in target store

Day 338

four cute kids sitting by a fence together

Day 339

girl and stuffed olaf sitting in the movie theater.

Day 340

girl in blue sweater looking down at a iPad

Day 341

boy resting his feet upon wall bookshelf

Day 342

child in purple jacket running across parking lot in the rain

Day 343


Day 344

Day 345

girl sitting in very messy playroom in a black and white photograph