365 Update--Another Selife, Off Camera Flash, Window Light & Legos {40-43}

Before we head into another snowy weekend, here is an update on my 365 (photo-a-day-for a year) project. We start with Day 40, a selfie of necessity as I had pulled out my off camera flash equipment for the first time and was expirementing. I have a hard time working with objects like dolls when practicing because I'm so focused on what skin looks like and really can't tell without a live subject, so today it was me.

A color photograph portrait of photographer Rebecca Wyatt.

I was pretty happy with the results and was excited to have a non-iphone-selfie to put on my linked-in page.  I could not wait to experiment a little more, which rings us to Day 41. A typical afternoon scene of my youngest on the sofa, likely with Paw Patrol or Caillou playing on the big screen in front of her again lit by off camera flash.

Day 42: This image was posted yesterday along with others from my kitchen. I always forget how excited children are to send and receive Valentines. I just wonder what happened to the types of card we grew up with. You know, that were bigger than a saltine and came with envelopes? Of course, I offer to help them design cool photo cards but they always prefer the character cards from Walgreens.

Day 43: This is my son, my oldest, in his room after being forced to turn the computer off. It is a scene I see every day and is a perfect portrait of him with his two loves, legos & history.