Summer 2018 Ultimate Photo Bucket List

Ultimate 2018 summer photo checklist




  1. Print out the checklist and place it in a convenient spot. Keep a copy on your phone for easy reference on the go.
  2. Capture images that interpret each of the words. Be as literal or as creative as you like.
  3. Post your photos to social media using the hashtag #2018SBLIST.
  4. Organize your photos in one folder or name/tag them for easy access. At the end of the summer, create a photo book of your family's photos!


Have each family member create their own bucket list set!


Plan your for checking a word or two off the list as you review your calendar for the week!



6 Pro Tips for Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

6 Pro Tips and Tricks for Planning the Perfect Baby Shower From Event Planner Lauren Corrigan | Baltimore Family Resource Spotlight

Planning a baby shower can feel like a daunting task. With so many things to consider and options available, you may not know where to start. I reached out to the amazing Lauren Corrigan of LCEvents, Baltimore wedding and event planner, who has so kindly shared her favorite tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect celebration!

 Photo Credit: Kimberly Florence Photography

Photo Credit: Kimberly Florence Photography


1. Designate a Host and Draft the Guest List

Designate the host. Will it be you alone or will you share duties with a cohost? While tradition states that a shower should not be hosted by a close family member to avoid the appearance that the family was on a mission to collect gifts, this rule is not as strictly observed today.

Determine the guest list. Guests lists can be tricky. A few tips to guide you:

  • Consult with friends and family of the honoree to ensure that you have included everyone important her. And so long as the shower is not a surprise, consult the honoree herself for her wishes for the guest list.
  • These days, spouses and male friends and relatives are increasingly common to include on the guest list. Before deciding whether or not to invite the men, get a feel for whether or not the mom-to-be would prefer the traditional “female-bonding” shower or a more co-ed experience. The  dad-to-be may have a preference, which should not be ignored. Even if a the traditional girls-only route is taken, the expectant dad traditionally makes an appearance towards the end of the shower to thank everyone for their generosity and share in his bride's excitement.

2. Set the Date, Time and Location

gorgeous pregnant mother outdoors in white dress in harbor east baltimore
  • First and foremost, consider the baby's due date. Typically, showers are held 1-2 months before baby is expected so that the honoree can comfortably enjoy her shower without worry. 
  • If the shower must be held after the baby is born, wait at least a month or two after the birth to host. This will ensure that the honoree is feeling comfortable again and can enjoy every minute of her day.
  • Be certain to consider any religious or cultural restrictions on when/if you should host a baby shower. In Jewish tradition, showers are not typically hosted prior to the birth. In this case, the shower might be held after the baby arrives. Other families, cultures, or religions may have their own traditions, and taking a moment to inquire will avoid uncomfortable moments or unintended offense.
  • If the honoree is choosing to learn the gender of her baby, she may wish to have the shower after finding out, allowing her time to select gender-specific items for her registry.
  • If out-of-town guests will be invited, try your best to select a date when the majority of these traveling guests can be present. The modern-day tradition of FaceTiming guests that are unable to attend is always a fun and easy way to include important but absent friends and family.
  • Select a location. Showers can take place almost anywhere--a home, a restaurant, or a catering hall. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Even the most unlikely of places can become beautiful event venues if you are willing to think outside of the box!

3. Pick a theme.

You can go the traditional route, with baby-related décor and games, or create something unexpected.

A few of Lauren's faves:

  • Vintage Garden Party 
  • Peter Rabbit or Velveteen Rabbit
  • Welcome Aboard! New England Nautical
  • French Countryside
  • A Hundred Acre Wood
  • Oh the Places You’ll Go

4.  Send out Invites

  • Invitations go beyond merely informing guests of the event. They offer a preview of the theme and style of the shower and promote anticipation and enthusiasm. Be sure to include an address and directions, as well as an RSVP deadline giving 4-6 weeks to respond. 
  • Consider creating a website. Shower sites are the perfect way to provide guests with additional information that is not convent, appropriate, or possible to include on the invitation. This includes phone-compatible directions, dress code details, and online RSVP management. Websites are a great place to include the mom-to-be's registry information and shop links, since this should not be included on the formal invite. Websites can also share personal information about the parent's to be's story and their pregnancy journey. Lauren highly recommends using Minted’s customizable website templates, which are as simple to set up as they are beautiful.

5.  Select the menu.

  • If you are doing the cooking, plan dishes that can be made ahead of time and frozen, or prepped the day before to save time and stress on the day of the shower. Consider dishes that reflect the theme of the shower. A vintage garden party, for example, might offer smoked salmon tea sandwiches, cucumber canapes, or dill spiral bites. 
  • Save yourself (and your dishwasher) by buying disposable plates and flatware. Believe it or not, there are some beautiful, high quality options available. Lauren loves Posh Party Supplies for their incredible selection. 

6. Plan for how to get her gifts home.

  • Have on hand shopping bags and some cardboard boxes for easy transport. If the dad-to-be will be attending, ask him to bring a larger vehicle for transport and to do the heavy lifting getting when the gifts into the car (another bonus of having a co-ed shower!) 
  • Ask for help! Do not be afraid to ask others to arrive an hour or so early for set up and food prep. This is a large task for one person alone. 
 Photo Credit: Kimberly Florence Photography

Photo Credit: Kimberly Florence Photography


1. Assign a photographer.

It's wonderful to hire a professional photographer for the shower who can ensure the day is captured perfectly without tasking guests with the chore or worrying that important people or moments will be missed. Hiring professional also eliminates the concern that photographs taken by guests won't make their way back to the guest of honor or will miss important people or moments.  

Otherwise, find your most talented friend/family member and assign them to take photos and videos. Ask more than one person, just in case a phone dies or you have overestimated their abilities! Have a plan in place for returning the photographs to the guest of honor. This can be a Drop Box or other shared file set up in advance. And don't forget to plan for printing the photographs. A small album of images from the shower makes a wonderful baby gift!

2. Plan for thank you notes.

Prepare for thank you notes by printing out the invitation list, including guest addresses, to give to the honoree. During the shower, help her keep track of the gifts by writing down the gifts given by each guest next to their name on the list. Perhaps even go the extra mile and gift her pretty pre-addressed thank you cards. She will be forever grateful for this small luxury.

Enjoy! You given a priceless gift to the mom-to-be. She will be forever thankful for the time and energy that you put into celebrating pregnancy and arranging her special day.

A few bonus ideas for subsequent baby showers:

For baby number 2 and beyond, consider throwing a different kind of shower--one that will make the lives of mom and dad easier. Gestures like stocking their freezer, subscriptions to meal-delivery services, gift cards for date nights, and promises to babysit are all great ways to show them you care and celebrate a new addition to their family. 

Thanks so much to Lauren for offering these amazing tips and strategies! Visit her website for more details on her talented event planning services and learn her contact info. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook

Do you have any tips or tricks of your own? Please leave them in the comments! 


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This post starts a new series on the amazing and valuable resources for young families found here in Baltimore. I'm starting with one of my favorite people, Heather Brown, co-owner of The Womb Room, a community space dedicated to childbirth and family support. The Womb Room is co-owned by Heather and her partner, Carmen Calvo of The Nurturing Root, both Baltimore based doulas who created this amazing space here in Baltimore to help moms and their families easily and enjoyably gather the information and resources they need. The Womb Room offers yoga classes, childbirth education, support groups, and parenting classes and is a must visit for pregnant and new mothers! 

Heather is a true modern mom, a homeschooling mother of three fantastic daughters, doula, yoga instructor, teacher, and business-owner, who is truly dedicated to supporting the health and happiness of women and their families. Here, Heather share with us a little more about herself, her experiences as a mother and doula, and all about the services offered by The Womb Room. 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and The Womb Room. What is your mission?

I am a mom of three daughters and have been teaching yoga for over 15 years. My experiences of pregnancy and birth were the most inspiring, transformative experiences of my life, and through that process I began to focus my work in the areas of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. I am fascinated by the way becoming a mother is simultaneously a vulnerable yet powerful experience - one of the most difficult yet rewarding things a person can do. A pivotal time of personal growth and development. And I love to support other women going through it.

I created a unique childbirth class called Yoga Birth, using the philosophies and practices of yoga as the foundation for understanding and preparing for birth and have been teaching that for over a decade. The Womb Room came about when I joined forces with another local mom and entrepreneur, Carmen Calvo of The Nurturing Root. Together, we pooled our complimentary knowledge, experience and services to create this space for families to benefit from community, support, education and wellness.

Our mission is to be a community of non-judgemental support for all moms and all families and to create connection where they could be isolation, empowerment where there could be fear and to hold space for the full experience of motherhood - the joyful and the challenging parts.

2. What types of classes and support does The Womb Room offer?

We offer a wide variety of classes with more being added to our roster all the time. Prenatal, Postpartum, Mommy/Me and Family Yoga and various types of childbirth education classes, breastfeeding classes, infant massage, sleep education, pregnancy yoga teacher trainings, etc. We offer birth and postpartum doula support and placenta encapsulation services. We also have support groups around various topics including breastfeeding, working moms, motherless moms, we have a dad’s group, etc. We are growing and expanding our offerings all the time.

3. Can you shatter any myths out there related to doulas and/or childbirth education and support?

I think there is a myth that doulas are only for those who want to have a natural birth, and that is absolutely not the case. Every woman and family can benefit from the type of holistic, personalized support that a doula provides. When it comes to childbirth education, most of the mainstream messages we receive about birth are that it is a horrible, scary, painful thing that should be dreaded and numbed as fast as possible. And while of course it is difficult and challenging, it can also be rewarding and empowering. They say knowledge is power and I love it when my students attitudes change from one one of existential dread to confident excitement that they have the strength and internal fortitude they need to rise to the challenge.

4. Share one of your most valuable experiences from your work.

I recently had a client who welcomed the first rainbow baby (baby born after a loss) I’ve experienced, so that was amazingly special - especially given she caught her own baby in a birth tub at home in the nursery. But truly my favorite part of every birth is that moment when the look on the mom’s face says “Wow - I did that!” and I know that the mother has been born into a new aspect of herself as the baby was born. There is this thing they didn’t think they could do, and they did it! I love that awakening to a new level of power within - a power and confidence we need to carry to us through the hardest parts of early motherhood.

5. What was the hardest part of early motherhood for you?

The hardest part of early motherhood for me as learning to trust myself. You have so many new, big decisions to make, so many things to figure out for the first time, so many friends and family and experts telling you the best way. Learning to tune out the noise and tune into my instincts and listen to my baby and trust myself was the hardest part. But learning to trust myself was the most important discovery I made and it continues to guide all my decisions.

6. What is your favorite thing about motherhood now?

I loved having babies and toddlers and the profound closeness that that stage brings, but now that my kids are a little older (12, 9, 6) I revel in being a witness to their process of becoming who they are - discovering their gifts, passions and truths. I love basking in their growth and development and evolution into who they are meant to be and I marvel at the fact that I grew them in my body and try each day to create the conditions at home where they can feel safe, unconditionally loved and free to be who they are.

7. What are your 3 favorite family activities in Baltimore?

We are definitely a nature family, so we like to get out into nature when we have time to play. We love Sherwood Gardens and all the various areas of Patapsco and the Gunpowder. We homeschool as well so my kids love trips to the science center and aquarium. We love live music too, so we try to get to as many concerts as we can. We recently enjoyed the Baltimore Bluegrass Festival, where The Womb Room had a tent for nursing/feeding and diaper changes. We can’t wait to do that again next year!

8. Do you have any words of wisdom for mothers to be or brand new mothers?

My wisdom would be two-fold: First, as I said earlier, trust yourself! You know your baby and family best. Take all the “expert opinions” with a grain of salt, but keep coming back to your inner compass to guide you! And second, find a community! They say it takes a village for a reason. We are not meant to parent in isolation, but our culture is set up in such a way that often becomes our experience. Seek out other new moms to trade babysitting, commiserate about challenges, share in joys and developmental milestones. A mom tribe is so crucial and that’s what we aim to provide at The Womb Room!

Thank to Heather for sharing her insight with us. If you're a new mom in search of pregnancy, childbirth, or family resources, please reach out to Heather at The Womb Room. She'd love to hear from you! Feel free to ask questions in the comments, and don't forget to check back soon for the next Resource Spotlight. 







The other day, I was listening to a podcast and the interviewee was talking about the nightmare of having family photos taken when your kids are little. I felt so sad for her. Her experience and misconception that all family photo shoots had to go the way hers did, which I'm guessing involved trying to create "perfect" pictures and begging and bribing kids to cooperate, are common, for sure, but 100 percent not necessary. 

To me, family photography isn't just about the photographs. They are important, of course, but it's just as much about the experience. If the experience is good, (or not even good, but meaning full in some way, as is the case with difficult life events that equally warrant documenting) then the photographs will be treasures. Even with their flaws.

The converse is equally true. Event the most well executed photograph of a contrived and unnaturally difficult situation has little meaning. Sure, everyone looks fantastic, but when you see the photograph, what do you feel? I'm guessing not the feelings you want to feel. You're not remembering your family on that day in a way that's true to who you are. Your actually feeling the discomfort that comes from trying to be someone you are not. Or perhaps you just don't really feel anything because you don't really recognize the family you are seeing.

This session with family gathered just after Christmas is a great example of how much better photographs are when they are of you, being you, with the ones you love. There was no posing until the very end, when we braved the cold to ensure a few nice portraits. There were no tears, there was no bargaining, just a really nice time captured. And I know that many years from now this family will pull out these photos and remember this day and this time they shared with joy. 

This is just a small selection of some of my favorites. 


Welcoming a Baby Brother | Baltimore, MD Newborn Family Photographs


Welcoming a Baby Brother | Baltimore, MD Newborn Family Photographs

I've made no secret of the fact that newborn sessions are a special treat for me and this family's session, welcoming home their second son, was no exception. These sessions always bring back my fondest memories of bringing my own babies home. One of my biggest regrets is not having my family's experiences professionally documented. So now I'm always so grateful  for the opportunity to create these permanent records of these magical days for other families. 

This Baltimore City family welcomed their second son just before Thanksgiving and it was wonderful to spend a Sunday morning capturing the all-to-familiar controlled chaos of what it is like to bring newborn home to his two year old big brother. As tough as it can be, I think most parents will agree that life really doesn't get much better than this.


Two Boys and a Dog | Owings Mills, Maryland


Two Boys and a Dog | Owings Mills, Maryland

What's the best way to photograph two young brothers and their new lab puppy? Get them outside, of course! We started this at-home family session off in the back yard with some football and good, old fashioned play time. Wide open space, a dog, a football, and a soccer ball were the perfect "props" to get these boys moving, engaged, and most of all, having fun. I am absolutely certain that there's never a dull moment in this household, and wanted this family's photographs to show it.

After a bit, we headed inside and captured a few more photos, but the outdoor actions shots are by far my favorites! What do you think?


Getting Outside with this Adventurous Duo (and their parents, too)


Getting Outside with this Adventurous Duo (and their parents, too)

I'm going to keep this short because there are a ton of photos posted from this session that I want you to see. I met this crew a little over a year ago when we headed down to Bolton Hill for their family session. (You can check out that session here.) This year, we switched things up for something more traditional and headed to the great outdoors. Nothing makes kids happier than a place to run around and explore, topped off with their parents' undivided attention. And nothing makes for better family photographs than happy kids (happy kids=happy parents). Enjoy this selection of favorites from what is undoubtedly one of my top 3 favorite family sessions of the year!


An Afternoon Well Spent in Baltimore with an Adorable One Year Old and Her Parents


An Afternoon Well Spent in Baltimore with an Adorable One Year Old and Her Parents

What a difference a year makes! I met this little cutie last year when she was only a couple months old. Her family's session from was one of my favorite sessions of 2016 (and you can check it out here). For that session, we ventured out around her neighborhood of Fells Point and showed her the sights. This year, we headed over to one of her favorite Baltimore City locations, Federal Hill Park, on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday afternoon. There was no question who was in charge of this photo session, as this curious and determined little girl was on the go the entire time.

There is no better way to photograph a family with children then doing something the children enjoy. When the kids are happy, the parents are happy, and the photos are beautiful and capture not only pretty pictures, but happy memories of an afternoon well spent. 


2017 Voice Competition Finalist


2017 Voice Competition Finalist

environmental_rebecca_wyatt (1 of 1).jpg

I am beyond thrilled to share that one of my images was included among the 210 finalists in the 2017 Voice Competition, selected from over 45,000 entries. This honor is made even more meaningful because of the subject matter--the view from Uncle Joe's farm in Cambridge, Maryland, is a location so special to our family. This photograph stands for so much more than a beautiful Eastern Shore morning. To me, it is a quiet nod to an beloved man who exemplified the life well lived. My husband's Uncle Joe was man whose gentle, modest, and generous ways are reflected in the serene beauty of this place he loved so much. I am grateful for this opportunity to honor his memory and share with you the beauty he generously shared with us.

Here is a short film I made the same weekend as the image above. 

View the entire gallery of exemplary images HERE and in the November/December print issue of Click Magazine!  Look for mine in the “Environments" collection.

Many thanks to  Click Magazine Miller's Professional Imaging and each of the judges.


An Adorable 4 Month Old Baltimore Baby Boy


An Adorable 4 Month Old Baltimore Baby Boy

This adorable baby session took place on a gorgeous fall morning here in Baltimore. Baby J had just slept through the night and was wide awake and ready to explore the neighborhood with his adoring parents. Together, we took a walk and enjoyed some outdoor time before before returning to this family's home for a feeding an morning nap.

Spending this typical Saturday morning with these loving parents and their first born baby boy brought back so many memories for me from when my son (now a teenager) was born. There was a sacredness to those days that is hard to replicate now. The quiet focus that came with my first child and my every attention focused on him, partnered with the connectedness I felt with Brian, having created this life together and both of us so equally focused on the wonder of our son, stands out so vividly in my memory. This is especially so compared to our chaotic and often fragmented life today with four kids with so many varying needs, heading in so many directions. It is a reminder of the value of our family's togetherness and our need to carve out some time for us all to spend together. 

Baby J, you were awesome and your just parents adore you. I cannot wait to watch you grow!