365 Project-Take 2 Update -- Days 250-258

Summer is officially over, as is my 100 Days of Summer project, so this post returns to my 365 Project-Take 2 as of September 1. Looking over this little set shot over 9 days, I realize just how much has happened in such a short period of time. Summer ended, school began, and life suddenly has a very different feel.  Leaves have even started falling....

Day 250: The sweet little crinkled nose of a second grader.

girls smiling with crinkles in her face
girl doing her second grade homework at kitchen table while little sister watches
little girl crawling through hole in submarine
black and white photo of girl wearing goggles

Day 251:  Second Grade Homework Day 252:  A trip with her big brother to the USS Torsk, one last item from our summer bucket list.Day 253: Goggles


Day 254: Enjoying one last weekend at the pool with cousins an strawberry shortcake ice cream bars.


Day 255: Sick day.

four siblings sitting on steps to pool

Day 256: The start of a new collaboration "All in the Frame".

black and white portrait of young boy
first day of preschool

Day 257: First Day of Middle School (finally!)Day 257/2: First Day of Preschool (4s)

Day 258: Shower