Finding Value in the Absence of Cohesion : A 365 Project -- Take 2 Update

The last few weeks of my 365 Take 2 Project have been somewhat lackluster and definitely uninspired. Back to school this year has been exhausting, with four kids in three different schools, and client work takes priority over personal shooting. With this project, it seems I am catching what I can, when I can, and more often than I would like to admit, doing so with half-hearted effort. But looking through this set as a group, I can see that even when I am not fully engaged, there is value in shooting everyday.

Few of the images in this set are cohesive. The most noticeable difference is in the lighting.  Because I shoot wherever we happen to be, and rarely make a special trip to an exotic location, I use whatever light there is. Sometimes, if able, I supplement with my flash or ice light, but most of the time, I'm making the most of whatever we have and this takes practice, lots and lots of practice. Sure, some types of light suit me better than others (nothing beats a great window), and some are easier to work with than others. But if I want to capture real life, as I see it, the best way I can, I need to learn to make the most of any situation. Daily shooting is the absolute best way to learn. So no, these are not my best work, not even close. But hopefully they are laying the foundation for things to come.

You'll probably also notice that the processing here is also all over the place, especially the color processing. The problem is that I love processing. I could spend hours in photoshop playing with colors, tones, and textures. And while I agree there is value to cohesion in processing and work hard to achieve it in my client work, this project is where I can really play and explore. A while back, I decided it was ok if my images didn't match...who cares ? In fact, the more I thought about it, the only way I was going to achieve cohesion was if it just happened. I think one day, perhaps, I will just realize it's there. Or maybe not. That's ok too.

black and white portrait of four year old
soccer player against wall in evening light
black and white photo of soccer player
soccer player
girls in car bathed in golden sunset

Day 259: Kitchen Window Light Day 260: Bathroom Light (sconces)Day 261: Soccer Light (sunset)Day 261: Indirect Open Shade --she is about 15 feet under a roof/overhang with overcast daylight coming in from camera rightDay 263: Sunset Light (they are facing the sunset)

kids eating milkshakes

Day 264: Window Light 

open mouth
girl looking at camera

Day 265: Kitchen Window LightDay 266: Front Door Light

boy in bed after school

Day 267: More Window Light (with direct sunlight)

girl in orthodontists office getting braces

Day 268: Orthodontist Light


Day 269: Shaded Light (Midday Sun)

roller skating girls

Day 270: Daylight

bathing beauty

Day 271: OCF Light

acorn in child's hand

Day 272: Afternoon Light, Shaded.

evening light on a side walk with a child scootering

Day 273: Sunset

girl napping on sofa

Day 274:Window Light

girls eating snow cones

Day 275: Overcast Evening Light

child with face paint

Day 276: Open Shade