Ice Skating with My Three Daughters at Patterson Park

WIth no plans on the schedule, I gave into the pleading and took my daughters ice skating yesterday. At my sister's suggestion, we headed to the rink at Patterson Park, where I hadn't been in years. It was a gorgeous day, and the park was filled with happy folks enjoying the weather. We, however, ventured into the cold rink. 

It was the first time on the ice for my youngest two girls, and my oldest had only been on skates once before. I, myself, hadn't been on ice since I was twelve, and even then it was a dicey situation. After lacing up, we slowly ventured onto the ice, where I pushed and pulled the little one round and round while watching the oldest two figure things out. 

I only took my little Fuji, whose battery died pretty quickly, so I was glad to grab the few shots that I did. I didn't get enough of them on the ice as I was too busy trying not to fall. Next time....