Rebecca Wyatt


I am a documentary and portrait photographer based in Baltimore, MD. 

I was born and raised in Baltimore, went to law school here, and met my husband at on the infield at Preakness. We're now raising our four kids and will be here for the long haul.

My style is fun, energetic, and even a little dramatic at times. 

I love kids and families, and have a knack for finding adventure. If you are looking for perfect photos with "say cheese" smiles, I'm probably not your girl. What I want to create are real, authentic photographs that captures your brood as it is. There's no need for perfect behavior and meticulous clothing. I'm much more interested in letting your kids be themselves, be it sweet, shy or 100% personality. I want you to hang with them, play with them, and swing them around. This way, when you look at your photographs, you will recognize your life the way it really was and see what's most important to you. And your kids will see just how loved they are.  

I invite you to look through my galleries. If your even a little bit inspired to capture the beauty of your own life, contact me today. I'd love to meet your family!


(443) 286-7300